Taxi Wraps And Other Types Of Outdoor Advertising

Advertising is potentially the most important part of any business plan. It is a fact that without promotion or advertising, the success of a business is minimal, and failure is highly likely. While many people can learn from failure, it is not an enjoyable experience, and we all try to avoid failure if possible; in this case, avoiding the fall will require advertising.

Today online advertising is one of the most popular and useful forms of promotion; however, the outdoor market is still significant, and outdoor promotion is beneficial. This type of advertising strategy can be more time-consuming and tiring, but it may be more productive and profitable if conducted correctly. This article will provide information on some of the most popular and effective outdoor marketing styles.

Taxi Advertising

Taxi with advertising wrapOne of the newest forms of outdoor advertisement, taxi advertising, involves ‘wrapping’ a taxi with a company advertisement. By putting a customized wrap over the paintwork of the taxi, containing a company‚Äôs advertising message, it is possible to promote the business over a large area to many people. This is highly beneficial as it allows for various audiences to view the advertisement and learn about your product or service – i.e. the taxi drives to different areas and collects various customers; however, there is a disadvantage as people may see the advertisement without being able to collect any information as the taxi drives by.


Similar to the taxi wrap, billboard advertising will also be seen by motorists; however, it has a greater presence and reaches far more individuals. A billboard is a large signpost standing over buildings and roads promoting companies or products. They are some of the most popular forms of outdoor marketing due to the great level of exposure and, due to their size, can reach individuals both near and far. They are also visible to individuals within offices when looking through windows. One other benefit is that they are static, which makes it easier for a consumer to write down information, such as a phone number or website address.


A well-known type of outdoor marketing is brochure distribution. This involves the production and distribution of brochures promoting your business at various locations throughout the city. It is a popular method for smaller companies and charity organizations as it is less costly than larger advertising styles; however, creating the brochure can be time-consuming, and distribution can be tiring. Passing out brochures can be demotivating as many people refuse to accept one, or if they do will throw it aside; however, this technique can be very effective in that those who keep the item will have all company information available without the possibility of errors when copying details.

Street Advertising

An interactive form of outdoor marketing is street advertising. This type of promotion involves the use of booths, pavements, and park benches to create media space for companies to market their services. This is an engaging method that can reach individuals in a direct face-to-face way and is highly cost-effective; however, it reaches only a small audience, and a person must make a conscious effort to collect information – the business details are not always available at a glance. Yet, street advertising remains popular and can increase awareness of a brand greatly due to the interaction, which is lacking in the other types of marketing discussed.

Bus Shelter Advertising

Due to the green movement, public transport has become more popular with more people using buses and trains as means of transportation. Taking this into account, it makes sense for companies to use train stations and bus-stop shelters as areas for marketing. The bus stop advertising option involves promotion of products and services in a billboard format on a side of the shelter. This is beneficial in that it reaches different audiences in different areas; furthermore, collecting correct information is easier due to the proximity to the advertisement and waiting time for buses. One disadvantage is that these types of advertisements are susceptible to vandalism and can easily be covered with graffiti removing all promotional value.