Skills needed to be a Makeup artist

Putting on makeup on your eyelids, eyebrows, and lips may seem easy but trust us, it takes more than knowing what colors to choose and what strokes to use to make it big in the makeup industry. If you try to search for professional makeup artists in your local area, Google will give you dozens of names. With one glance, you’ll know that the competition is fierce. It takes real skills to get you noticed and to convince people to choose you over others artists.

There are no shortcuts to success but you will achieve success if you’re diligent and if you are patient to learn the skills you need to become the best makeup artist you can possibly be. Some talented artists have innate skills that they only need to hone while others develop their skills through training. Either way, having the right skill set will catapult your career in the beauty industry. If you feel stuck in a rut with no new inquiries and zero referrals it may be time to reassess your skills and check what areas you need to improve in.

We’ve compiled our own list of skills that will help improve your performance in the beauty industry. The skills you need to develop are endless. So go ahead, pore over these, and assess yourself where you stand and what areas in your professional career need improving.

Communication Skills

Most makeup artists think that knowing how to apply makeup is enough to book customers. What they don’t know is how you communicate is what convinces clients to book you. While it’s true that your portfolio will attract customers to your business, if you lack communication skills, you’re closing your doors to future bookings. Clients don’t like an inconvenience. If you don’t communicate well, they’ll find someone else who can. Remember, you’re not the only one who has the skills to make someone beautiful through makeup.

Mastering your communication skills will not only grow your client base but will also enable you to create long-term relationships with your customers. Some makeup artists educate their clients and teach them what makeup brands are great for their skin type or what color or brushes they should use. When clients enjoy having conversations with you, they’ll likely refer you to their family and friends.

Work Well Under Pressure

There will be instances when you’re pressured to work fast like in big events such as weddings, shoots, and performances. The pressure to meet deadlines can be overwhelming and if you can’t cope well you might end up with a dissatisfied customer. One of the important skills you need to master is working well under pressure. Don’t let your clients see you’re panicking. Remain calm and do what you need to do to get the job completed. If you start panicking and if you lose your temper, it’s highly likely you’ll lose your clients as well.

Manage Your Time

Managing your time is one of the most effective strategies to keep existing customers and attract new customers. Since you are your own boss, you set your own time but this doesn’t mean you can work and start whenever you want. If a client has a deadline to meet, make sure you’re prepared hours before you start working on your client’s makeup. Your tools and brushes should be prepared and make sure you double-check everything before you leave. Budget your time when you do the makeup so you don’t spend too much on one area while shortchanging the rest.


As you can see, being a professional makeup artist isn’t just about doing the actual makeup. There are several other skills you need to know and master so you can reach your highest potential. When you’re able to communicate well with your clients, and when you’re graceful, calm, and organized, no doubt your clients will love you.

Angie Byboth
Angie Byboth has a Master Certification in permanent makeup through AIIC, and also has a BS in Bio-medical science. Angie also specializes in correction of permanent makeup procedures.

Angie Byboth

Angie Byboth has a Master Certification in permanent makeup through AIIC, and also has a BS in Bio-medical science. Angie also specializes in correction of permanent makeup procedures.