Popular Plastic Surgery Procedures

Modern medicine is absolutely amazing. It helps us to heal injuries and illnesses that once devastated entire populations of people. It allows us to fix the human body in ways that, throughout history, had meant the end of any sort of quality of life.

Plastic Surgery patientHuman kind has managed to study the workings of the human body to the extent that these days, doctors can simply change the physical shape and look a person was born with. The idea of a nose job has been around since the sixties, but these days the various plastic surgery procedures have become so easy and simple that people can often get it done as an out-patient surgery. They go in for their appointment, spend an hour or so under the knife, and then they get to go home. It really is impressive the simplicity of plastic surgery these days.

With plastic surgery being so popular, there are many new procedures that have become more popular in recent years. Hardly any body part exists that can’t be sculpted by a plastic surgeon. In fact, one of the latest trends is vaginal rejuvenation and labiaplasty surgery. Of all the procedures that exist, are there any surgeries that have managed to rise above as particularly worthwhile and beneficial, as opposed to something that people want for a more specialized reason? There are!

One of the most popular plastic surgery procedures is liposuction. Many people have heard of liposuction. It’s a process that allows doctors to remove pockets of fat from the body. These pockets are generally things like love handles, areas that have managed to pack on a bit of extra fat even though you’ve been working out and eating right. The procedure is simple. The doctor makes a small incision, and then simply vacuums the fat from your body. Obviously it’s a bit more sophisticated piece of equipment than a normal shop vacuum, but the concept is the same. It’s a suction machine that pulls the fat from your body. Afterwards, the doctor stitches you up and sends you on your way. Many patients can go home later that day.

Another popular plastic surgery procedure is breast implants. Modern media will often make jokes at the expense of women who get breast implants, but the simple truth is that there’s no shame in deciding you want to shape your body differently. Not only that, but breast implant surgery has grown and evolved over the years. At one time, breast implants would make the breasts look full and round. These days, the saline bags have been shaped in such a way as to make the breast look much more natural.

The procedure is simple, as well. The doctor makes an incision and then uses a tool to place the silicon bags into the breast. The recovery time is a bit longer than some other plastic surgeries, however. It may take a day or two of rest in the hospital before you can go home, and a week or more until you can safely bathe around the area of your breasts. Still, longer recovery time doesn’t mean the procedure isn’t safe, and millions of women have chosen to get breast implants.

Lastly, there’s the ever popular nose job. Rhinoplasty is a well studied procedure by now. The doctor simply uses a few tools to carve off the bone and cartilage from your nose, reshaping it into the shape you want. It’s as much an art as a science, since there’s no “easy mold” tool for rhinoplasty. Still, plenty of people are happy with the procedures.

Which brings up the matter of finding a good plastic surgeon. Nowadays it isn’t too hard to find out the quality of a particular doctor. All one needs to do is look on Google for the doctor’s reviews or just search for a local plastic surgeon on Yelp.

These are some of the most popular plastic surgery procedures out there. If you want to reshape your body, don’t feel bad. There’s absolutely nothing wrong with doing so!