Pest Control Videos


  1. Abuse. Traps like this should be banned. If a creature is to be killed, then it needs to be done quickly and humanely, regardless of what it is.

  2. I’m not sure what’s in that video.. based on this question, I can’t get myself to answer it.

    It’s a fine line between the two, I’ll say that much. The glue traps make me sick. If a pest is a pest, I say relocation should be the first option. If they must be exterminated, a quick and painless-as-possible death is a must.

  3. its discusting i love animals and ‘pests’ are animals which are over populated in an area and so are a nuesence there are probably other ways of reducing the amount of these ‘pests by making changes to habbitat so that they arent culled but spread out evenly and then they wont cause a disturbance to anyone will they. There is no excuse for killing any animal they have just as much right to be around as humans and you wouldnt go around killing off humans in over populated areas………….would you ?

  4. that video is horrible i couldn’t watch it all i think it is horrible that people think its alright to do this sort of thing, i think if you have a pest problem you should capture them and then let them go outside. but killing them is pure cruelty it makes me feel sick.

  5. I think catching and desposing of rodents like mice and rats is fair enough. Capturing them alive humanely is even better. But trapping them and causing them misery is not on, and at least here in England would result in a trip to court. At least a mouse trap dispatches the creature quickly. I notice American voices in that video.

  6. I couldn’t watch the whole video, too much for me. It is more than just abuse but a kind of sadist need to torture helpless animals. A person who injures animals in this manner has no respect for life whether animal or human. I would not turn my back on them as I would not feel safe around such individuals. Pest control of small and large animals who pose no harm to people generally involves putting food inside a catch and release box like trap that allows the animal to remain safe.

  7. That was really gross. I did not watch the whole thing, but I take it that they were torturing the poor mice? I do thing that classifies as animal cruelty. I can not believe that some one would actually video that and then put it on line for the world to see thinking that they are clever.

  8. it is abuse having to watch that sh*t

    just some stupid kids,displaying their animal side

    Cats treat mice badly as well they play with them for hours before they kill them

  9. It’s very sick abuse. Any execution should be quick and hopefully, relatively painless. A person who can torture an animal can do the same to a child or anyone else that they can control. .

  10. That is truly disgusting, and so are people who use glue traps. You have traps out there that kill the animal instantly, or release it unharmed – so I don’t know why glue traps are still used, or why they are even legal. They’re torture chambers, really… and people who use them are morons.

    And for the video… ugh. I would not hesitate to beat them up for what they did.

  11. Killing pests is fine, but it should be done humanely. Causing pain like that when it is not necessary is cruel… so are these glue traps. Yes, I agree, they should be illegal – they should not be an alternative to snap traps or cage traps. Simply because of the excruciating pain that they cause. That video was terrible, and the people behind it should be arrested.

    Who’s idea was it to superglue a mammal onto a piece of inexpensive cardboard where it mutilates itself and staves to death? I can’t believe they are socially acceptable… do people have a moral conscience?

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