Your Guide To Hiring A Mall Security Company

Hiring a private security agency, particularly a mall security company is not an easy one. Given the fact that there is a vast array of choices when it comes to security companies, taking the time to find the right agency seems like a daunting task. It’s not a task that needs to be done on a very frequent basis, therefore, those who are in the position of having to hire don’t often have a large of amount of experience in selecting a security company.

shopping mallIf you’re a businessman, a store manager or someone in charge of securing large establishments such as shopping malls, finding the right mall security company plays a significant role. It’s not that you’ll find a lot of information online about hiring services like these. You’ll rarely find guides on what to do, which is probably why many establishments have made the wrong choices and decisions when it comes to hiring security agencies.

There are certain things you have to remember and take into account before hiring a security service, and these are:

Service Contract

Most important when choosing an agency, is matching up a company that can provide the type and level of services that are required. Mall security is a specialty all unto itself and can require a large staff, covering numerous types of service, including video surveillance, mobile parking lot patrol and uniformed guards on foot patrol. A company able to deliver on this scale will often note this service as a specialty on their website.

In larger cities it will often be easier to find companies that specialize in mall security. For example, Houston Texas is a city known for its many large and high-end shopping malls. Thus, it is no surprise that there are several Houston security companies that offer mall security and list the level of services provided on their websites.

You should also consider the length of contract required, as well as an exact itemization of the services that will or will not be provided. If there are things that you’d like to have amended, you can always speak with the agency and see if they are open for changes to their contract. Most of the points are usually negotiable.

Years In The Industry and Experience

First and foremost, when hiring a mall security company, you should always take into consideration the agency’s experience and number of years that they’ve been serving the industry. The length of service is a good indication of a company’s experience, and this will give you an idea on which ones are perfect for consideration and which ones to ignore.

The longer they’ve been in the industry, the better. It might be difficult to find out at first, but if you don’t find these bits of information from their website, you can always ask them. They’ll be more than happy to give you the facts, and you can use the information you have received from them to compare with similar agencies.

Consumer Reviews

Take the time to read what other consumers think about the agency. Who are the companies that use their services? What were their experiences? You can usually find reviews on their Yelp or Google business page, among others. Gathering these bits of information will give you a clearer understanding on which security companies offer better services than the others. As a matter of fact, you can define how good they are often just by the companies that have chosen them for security needs


What kind of training do their security guards receive? It is important that their security guards are equipped with different types of training, allowing them to handle a number of situations and emergency cases at the same time. Remember, all types of people go to shopping malls, and all sorts of things can happen, and the guards that are on patrol should be equipped with knowledge of how to deal with all types of situations.


Although you most likely have a budget to stick to, the matter of how much the services will cost should not be the main deciding factor. Losses that can be attributed to poor security can be several times that of the actual services themselves. Don’t choose an agency because they offer the lowest priced services; go with them because they offer the best value and security for your money.