The Current Hilton Head Island Plantation Real Estate Market

If you are house-shopping in Hilton Head Plantation there is some great news – the market has many homes for you to make your selection!

Hilton Head Plantation is a lovely neighborhood that is nestled among the breathtaking pine forests of Hilton Head Island, the Port Royal Sound, and the Intracoastal Waterway, thereby giving it a relaxed, secluded, and upscale residential atmosphere.

Beautiful home on Hilton Head Island

Upscale single family house on Head Island, South Carolina.

This is the reason demand for Hilton Head Plantation real estate is normally quite high. However, the market does shift like island tides; therefore, it is important to keep up with the ebb and flow of the real estate market to ensure that you make confident home selling or home buying decisions.

Let’s examine exactly what the market in Hilton Head Plantation looks like today.

The Current State Of The Real Estate Market In Hilton Head Plantation

Single-family homes make up for most of Hilton Head Plantation even though there is still a small market for townhomes and condominiums in the neighborhood. As it stands, around 95 percent of the homes in the market are houses, while the remainder are condominiums.

The typical market prices for homes in Hilton Head Plantation range from $350,000 to $700,000 across all real estate options including townhomes, condominiums, and single-family homes. However, you can still find properties for sale over $700,000 in the area.

Breaking Down The Real Estate Market By Type Of Home

It is important to study the real estate market at hyperlocal levels and different perspectives. In Hilton Head Plantation, the real estate market differs greatly across property styles. The best way to understand the unique real estate market within Hilton Head Plantation is to break down the data by type of home.

Single-Family Homes Market

As it stands, there are fewer than 100 single-family homes for sale in Hilton Head Plantation that range in price from $220,000 to $4.3 million. Due to this fact, you will discover a wide array of home sizes and features along the price range.

Regarding today’s market, most of the property values lie between $350,000 and $700,000, which represents around 72 percent of the single-family homes on the market. Still, you can find properties priced at well over $700,000.

Townhomes and Condos Market

Because the available condos for sale in the Hilton Head Plantation area make up for only 5 percent of the total number of listings in the area, the hyperlocal real estate looks much more different for condos than the one for single-family homes.

With the small number of listings currently, the property values tend to lie between the $400,000 and $500,000 price range for Hilton Head Plantation condominiums. However, various factors ranging from a surge in supply or demand has the ability to affect the availability and price range for the condominiums at any given time.

The Need For Hilton Head Plantation Real Estate Experts

If you are looking into the local real estate market in the Hilton Head Plantation area, it is advisable to engage the services of a local, seasoned professional. A Hilton Head Island realtor will help you make buying and selling decisions for properties in the Hilton Head Plantation area more easily.

Property experts have various complimentary resources at their disposal that can help you keep up with the current real estate market conditions in the area. Find an expert and request for a detailed report on the status of the real estate market conditions of Hilton Head Plantation. Alternatively, you can ask for a comparative market analysis that will help to determine the value of your home under the current market conditions.