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Do Pond Fountains Serve A Useful Purpose?

A lot of people have questions about pond fountains. If people aren’t familiar with ponds, they may assume that pond fountains don’t serve any useful purpose. Fountain are more functional than people think. Read on to learn more about the various benefits a fountain can provide:

Pond Fountains Can Improve Water Quality

Ponds aren’t necessarily known for their high-water quality. Because the bottom-most segments of a pond are deprived of oxygen, metals, noxious gases, and other potentially harmful substances are released into the water below.

A pond fountain can dramatically improve the aeration of a body of water, which can lead to higher water quality. If you’re worried about the effects that oxygen deprivation is having on a pond, you should definitely think about adding a fountain.

Fountains Can Reduce Odors

As mentioned above, noxious gases are released into ponds when portions of the pond aren’t getting enough oxygen. Some of these gases, like hydrogen sulfide, can produce a strong and unpleasant odor. In some cases, these odors can be overpowering.

While proper aeration won’t completely eliminate these odors, it can reduce their them. When a pond has enough oxygen, it produces less gas, which means there are fewer odors overall. Although ponds with fountains will still produce unpleasant smells from time to time, those scents will be less strong.

They Can Take Of Mosquitoes

Mosquitoes tend to flock towards watery areas. Ponds are often swarming with mosquitoes, especially at night. Thankfully, a fountain can do a lot to deter mosquitoes.

Mosquitoes are drawn to still water conditions. When a pond has a fountain, the water will be in constant motion, which means it will be more difficult for mosquitoes to breed.

A pond fountain is an extremely effective form of mosquito control. It’s also completely natural. Instead of using chemicals to keep mosquitoes away from your pond, you should try using a fountain.

They Can Prevent Algae Build-Ups

It’s not unusual to see massive build-ups of algae atop ponds. These build-ups can detract from the natural beauty of a pond. Fountains can break up algae spores so that they won’t be concentrated in a single location.

The natural aeration provided by a pond fountain can also keep algae from developing in the first place. Oxygen can convert phosphorus to forms that algae can’t feed on.

Fountains Are Great for Fish

Ponds without fountains often experience thermal stratification. When this process occurs, the water within a pond is divided into distinct layers. Some of those layers won’t get enough oxygen, which can be fatal for the fish living within those layers.

Fountains can disrupt the stratification process, which can lead to a healthier eco-system. Thanks to a fountain, the fish and other organisms living within the pond will be able to flourish.

Pond fountains aren’t just nice to look at. They can be incredibly beneficial to ponds. If you have a pond on your property, it’s important to look at your options for aeration. As you can see, a fountain can make a world of difference.

Joe Cadieux
Joe is the Senior Biologist for Midwestponds.com with two degrees in fisheries/limnology and biology from the University of Wisconsin-Stevens Point. He has 13+ years of experience in managing fresh water resources in the Midwest. He believes in integrated resource management as a tool to keep lakes and ponds happy and healthy. If the ecosystem is stable and balanced from the microbes on up to the fish and end users, a pond is a perfect resource for you and your family.

Which Type Of Home Loan Should You Get?

When it comes to home loans, there are many to choose from. It can be confusing at best to decide if a 30 year fixed rate loan is better than a 15 year fixed rate loan or if you need an ARM loan or one with Interest Only. To further complicate matters, there are also those with Payment Options and of course, the ever famous Balloon payment loans. If you’re not confused by now, then you’re amongst the few who are seeking home loans that have this mastered. For the rest of you, read on.

man with calculator and home loan applicationOne of the easiest ways to determine which type of home loan will best suit you is to go online and read in more detail about the various options on loans. There are also websites that offer you mortgage calculators where you can compare what the mortgage payments would be with the various types of loans.

Before you ever decide on a loan, you’ll need to determine how much of a house you can afford. How large is your downpayment going to be?

Once you have these numbers in mind you can begin your search for a loan. Some loans will require a larger downpayment than others so you’ll want to take this into consideration when you’re seeking your loan details.

For some, a 30 year fixed rate loan is ideal. They’ll have reasonable payments and be able to afford the home of their dreams. Others, who may have more money available, may wish to double the size of the payments and pay this off in 15 years. By doing this, they’re paying down the interest rate much more quickly and will own the home outright in just 15 years.

Adjustable rate mortgages will adjust the interest rates accordingly with the market and the specific terms of the loan. This has both good and bad benefits. It’s good in that it can sometimes get the payee a better deal, however, it can also wind up costing you a lot more money if the rates go up.

Keep an eye on the market if you’re with an Adjustable rate mortgage and do what you can to secure a fixed rate lower interest mortgage. This will help to keep your payments low.

The best benefit of the fixed rate mortgage is that you’re going to have a set payment amount throughout the lifetime of the loan. It won’t vary and you’ll never have to be concerned about it going up.

This can have a great impact on the budget as there are never any surprises that will catch the payee off guard. You’ll likely pay a bit more for such stability, but for peace of mind, it may be well worth the increase in payment so you’ll be able to rest assured that you’ll stay within your budget.

Many shoppers who are trying to save as much as they can upfront will turn to an adjustable rate mortgage because the initial loan is much less costly than the other options. However, this won’t be locked in so they may actually wind up paying more in the long run. It’s a risk that many aren’t afraid to take.

Still, others will try to find an alternative route to go so that they won’t’ have to ever worry about their loan going up.

Now that you know more about loans, you can determine which route will work best for your specific needs. It can be a huge challenge to determine which loan you’re going to go out for but it’s a great peace of mind when you are able to choose the one that works the best for you.

The Current Hilton Head Island Plantation Real Estate Market

If you are house-shopping in Hilton Head Plantation there is some great news – the market has many homes for you to make your selection!

Hilton Head Plantation is a lovely neighborhood that is nestled among the breathtaking pine forests of Hilton Head Island, the Port Royal Sound, and the Intracoastal Waterway, thereby giving it a relaxed, secluded, and upscale residential atmosphere.

Beautiful home on Hilton Head Island

Upscale single family house on Head Island, South Carolina.

This is the reason demand for Hilton Head Plantation real estate is normally quite high. However, the market does shift like island tides; therefore, it is important to keep up with the ebb and flow of the real estate market to ensure that you make confident home selling or home buying decisions.

Let’s examine exactly what the market in Hilton Head Plantation looks like today.

The Current State Of The Real Estate Market In Hilton Head Plantation

Single-family homes make up for most of Hilton Head Plantation even though there is still a small market for townhomes and condominiums in the neighborhood. As it stands, around 95 percent of the homes in the market are houses, while the remainder are condominiums.

The typical market prices for homes in Hilton Head Plantation range from $350,000 to $700,000 across all real estate options including townhomes, condominiums, and single-family homes. However, you can still find properties for sale over $700,000 in the area.

Breaking Down The Real Estate Market By Type Of Home

It is important to study the real estate market at hyperlocal levels and different perspectives. In Hilton Head Plantation, the real estate market differs greatly across property styles. The best way to understand the unique real estate market within Hilton Head Plantation is to break down the data by type of home.

Single-Family Homes Market

As it stands, there are fewer than 100 single-family homes for sale in Hilton Head Plantation that range in price from $220,000 to $4.3 million. Due to this fact, you will discover a wide array of home sizes and features along the price range.

Regarding today’s market, most of the property values lie between $350,000 and $700,000, which represents around 72 percent of the single-family homes on the market. Still, you can find properties priced at well over $700,000.

Townhomes and Condos Market

Because the available condos for sale in the Hilton Head Plantation area make up for only 5 percent of the total number of listings in the area, the hyperlocal real estate looks much more different for condos than the one for single-family homes.

With the small number of listings currently, the property values tend to lie between the $400,000 and $500,000 price range for Hilton Head Plantation condominiums. However, various factors ranging from a surge in supply or demand has the ability to affect the availability and price range for the condominiums at any given time.

The Need For Hilton Head Plantation Real Estate Experts

If you are looking into the local real estate market in the Hilton Head Plantation area, it is advisable to engage the services of a local, seasoned professional. A Hilton Head Island realtor will help you make buying and selling decisions for properties in the Hilton Head Plantation area more easily.

Property experts have various complimentary resources at their disposal that can help you keep up with the current real estate market conditions in the area. Find an expert and request for a detailed report on the status of the real estate market conditions of Hilton Head Plantation. Alternatively, you can ask for a comparative market analysis that will help to determine the value of your home under the current market conditions.

“…toes in the water and relax – you are home”

Luxury home Treasure Island

Editorial Credit: Kamira / Shutterstock.com Copyright: Kamira

The sunny skies, white sands, and salt air of Florida are calling. You are ready to make the move and head south. Flip Flops in hand, all you need is a place to call home. Luxury living is the draw to Florida and you have chosen the area around St Pete, Clearwater, and Treasure Island to search for the perfect home.

This is the picture-perfect peninsula with Tampa Bay on one side and the Gulf of Mexico on the other. At night you can look inward across the bay toward the city lights and during the day look out to the blue water of the gulf. The area is lined with luxury condos, waterfront mansions, and townhouses – the one of your dreams is waiting.

It may be the 16th floor penthouse in Clearwater consisting of 5200 sq. ft. costing approximately $6.9 million. This is top level luxury living offering spectacular views. The amenities are numerous including a wine cellar, covered parking, and beachside cabana.

The property you are searching for may be found in one of the luxury homes for sale in Treasure Island. This single family seven thousand sq. ft. home offers unobstructed views through large glass walls. If the outdoors is what you are about, this is the home for you. There is room for boat docking as well as outdoor entertaining including built in gas grill, heated pool and spa. The deep water full service dock has lifts available. The home could be yours for a little under $5 million, by simply contacting a Treasure Island realtor.

luxury home interiorSt. Pete offers a Mediterranean estate with views of Tampa Bay. This home built in the 1920’s is locally known as the “Argenteau Castle”. It is said to have been built for a Belgian Princess in the likeness of the Argenteau Castle in Belgium. This historic property costing a little under $2 million could be your dream home. This estate sits on a private peninsula with downtown St. Pete just minutes away. The home includes five bedrooms with balconies offering exceptional views. Other amenities are marble floors, carved ceilings, and antique chandeliers. The home is located in the “Pink Streets” area. The area was developed in the 1920’s by George Cook and has pink streets because “no one else had them”.

Real estate is all about location, location, location. This property in Pass-A-Grille on St. Pete Beach is just that – location. The lot alone is worth the asking price of $1.2 million. At present there is a three story elevated two thousand sq. ft. “Coastal Cottage” built in 1920. Along with the home there are two rental cottages, vacant land, and a private dock. The area is full of shops and restaurants as well as friendly neighborhoods. If the beach is your dream, this is your area, which rivals the neighboring Treasure Island and Madeira Beach real estate.

If you want beach living but renovation is not in the plan, this St. Pete Beach home may be the one for you. This home build in 1994 offers 5200 sq. ft. of living area and is located on a canal off the Boca Ciega Bay. This home offers stunning views along the back of the structure. There are three stories of floor to ceiling steel ford blue glass with uncompromising views. The views can also be enjoyed from the back balconies which are on all levels and cover the full length of the home. The outdoor area is not only for views, the home includes an outdoor heated pool and Jacuzzi as well as a fire pit. For the boating enthusiast there is a fishing dock, 115 ft. slip and 134 ft. sea wall. The third floor are the bedrooms including the master suite offering a 65 foot long bedroom. Included are two sitting rooms and mini kitchen along with a fireplace and large Jacuzzi tub.

Picture of sunset over the Gulf of MexicoWhether you choose penthouse living, a cottage by the beach, single family home in a historic neighborhood, or downtown condo this is the area of Florida for luxury living. The area offers amenities for your lifestyle that are second to none including restaurants from fine dining to down by the beach eateries. If you enjoy shopping for art work, there are galleries as well as art walks. Of course there are the beaches – take off your shoes, put toes in the water and relax – you are home.

Pest Control for Eradicating Bed Bugs from Your Home

There are a lot of annoying insects that a home may have but bedbugs are one of the worst. If you have an infestation of bed bugs in your home it is helpful to first understand their habits and diet. This will help you to properly eradicate these unwanted pests from your home.

According to Swat Bug Killers, a Las Vegas pest control company, it is usually necessary for a homeowner use a magnifying glass to confirm that they have bedbugs in their home. An adult bedbug is reddish-brown or brown in color. It is flattened and oval-shaped and its dimensions are about 1/4” to 5/8”. Because they are flat they are easily able to hide in crevices in cracks. After a bedbug has eaten a blood meal its body becomes swollen and elongated.

How to Search for Bed Bugs

Bedbug resting on a pillow The first step is to find where the bed bugs are living. To search for bed bug infestations you should look in places that are isolated, dark, and offer the bedbug protection. Bed bugs will often wander from one place to another and therefore you will have to inspect adjoining rooms where the bedbugs are found. You may not see any of the bedbugs themselves but you will be able to find their hiding places by looking for spots of fecal matter or blood that they leave behind.

The bedbug’s fecal matter or bloody spots will look similar to rust and you will see them on pillowcases and bed sheets. If you see these rust looking spots then it is a sure sign of a bedbug infestation. Bedbugs prefer to hide during the day and come out at night to feed on the blood of the person sleeping.

If you suspect bed bugs in your home you should immediately make an inspection checklist. The inspection checklist should include crevices and cracks in foot and headboards, any attached bed supports and railings, and mattress buttons and seams. Also check any electrical switch plates, wall posters, and pictures that are on the wall.

Other areas that you will need to inspect are any seams or cracks in wallpaper or plaster, electrical appliances, underneath wall-to-wall carpeting, and any other furniture that is in the room. You may have to remove the baseboards in the room to check behind them and do not forget to investigate any adjoining rooms where you suspect the bedbugs to be hiding.

Treating Your Home for Bed Bugs

Before you begin any treatment to remove bedbug infestations you will need to do a few things such as reducing any clutter in the area. However, be careful when removing anything from an infected area so that you do not transfer the bedbugs to another area. Any personal items should be cleaned with a vacuum cleaner and then put into a plastic bag with a bedbug killer strip.

Unfortunately, you may have to also dismantle any bed frames so as to expose any bedbug hiding sites. All drawers will have to be removed from dressers. Desks and furniture should be turned over and thoroughly inspected throughout. Stand up the box-spring mattress and use a flashlight to peer through the gauze fabric to look for signs of any bedbug hiding places.

There are mattress encasements that will help to prevent future infestations of bedbugs. Simply put them over the mattress and leave them there for at least one year to kill any existing bedbugs. There are also mattress liners available that can actively kill bedbugs for up to two years.

After you have done a thorough preparation you will need to use an appropriate bedbug spray. There are a variety of effective sprays on the market from which to choose.

Exterminator for Ants

An ant infestation is not good for your residential; property at all. Some homeowners even become pacified at the mere mention of the word ‘ant’. Why is that so? They start fretting simply because they have been there and know the aftermath of the same. When an invasion hits your home, you have two viable options; exterminating the ants completely or giving them a nod to carry on with their business. Whatever your stand, extermination is cost effective and saves you a lot of efforts.The cost of hiring these trained personnel is nowhere close to the potential threat of surrendering your valuable bassets to these natural pests. All you need to do is act fast before time runs out.

The moment these creatures decide to literally eat you out of your property, hiring a professional exterminator will be inevitable. In fact, that is the only way to eradicate these critters once and for all. You need these professionals just as the carpenter ants need wood to consume. There is no need to fuss about that since the pest control contractors in New Jersey understand their job very well and are poised to deliver good results regardless of the situation at hand.

If you are thinking of doing it yourself, well, there is no objection; just give it a try. Your chances of effectively controlling the infestation right from the root causes and preventing a similar occurrence are almost zero. In addition, you will have to use chemicals – hazardous chemicals that will certainly compromise your health and that of your family. Bring in the factor of inadequate or no experience and the situation becomes deadly. Remember, the law might not allow you to use certain chemicals on your residential property because you do not have the license to use them.

Exterminators of ants have a wealth of experience in this field of eradicating ants of all types including odorous ants, acrobat ants, carpenter ants, Pharaoh ants and pavement ants among others. They have undergone extensive and comprehensive training, a pre-requisite for effective elimination of ants from your property. As for those with little or no experience at all, the first barrier that comes their way is telling the difference between ants and termites. The inability to differentiate the two species clearly highlights their weaknesses in solving the problem. How can you fight an enemy you do not even know? Professionals have no problem distinguishing the differences between these creatures; and they are able to do that with ease.

The prevention and subsequent extermination of ants are two things that are closely associated. With the professional ant removers, all areas of the property including the garden and the interiors are easily accessed. They usually come armed with all the required equipment, tools, chemicals and skills that facilitate a free flowing exercise.

Even where there is no ant invasion, the contractors are still relevant. You can contact these professional Jersey City exterminators of ants when thinking about building a new house. Upon being asked, they will readily advise you on how to prevent an invasion. Ask them to treat the ground on which you are building the new house. In case you want to buy a new house, these trained exterminators will provide a thorough ant inspection. By so doing, you will steer clear from the financial risk of purchasing a property that is already infested with these unpleasant pests.

How Does A Ground Heater Construction Equipment Really Work?

Are you wondering how a ground thaw heater works? If so, you have come to the right place. You need to take extra measures to ensure your construction work goes ahead without any disruptions in the winter season. It can be extremely difficult because you have to work on frozen grounds that make digging frustrating and labor-intensive during such a season. That is where you need a ground heater to facilitate your construction work. This article provides information on how ground heaters really work on frozen ground.

A ground heater is an equipment that thaws out frozen grounds. It helps leave the ground softer and much easier to work with during harsh winter months. Even though there are different types of ground heaters on the market, most construction companies depend on hydronic heaters and ground thawing blankets. A ground heater has many benefits to a construction company including:

. Reducing the physical strain on its workers during harsh winter months and decreasing the risk of physical injuries to the workforce.

. Extending the work season for construction companies throughout the winter months.

. Providing the construction company with the ability to stay on track with their project timelines.

. Allow the construction company to work with temperamental products such as concrete without any disruptions to the work.

A hydronic heater consists of a boiler, hose, blower fan, insulated blankets, vapor barrier, and propylene glycol mixture. The propylene glycol mixture conducts heat when it is heated thoroughly by the heater. The hose is laid out throughout the entire ground that needs to be heated. The heated mixture is pumped through the hose to heat the ground. The blower fan will evenly blow the heated air across the ground. The vapor barrier will cover the hose to prevent the moisture from escaping. On the other hand, the insulated blankets are placed over the barrier to make sure that no heat will escape so the ground will be heated for extended periods. This is how a hydronic ground heater works to keep the ground heated during the cold winter months. The hydronic ground heater is beneficial for your construction company since it doesn’t have any flames to deal with. It provides a steady supply of hot and dry air to the ground that needs to be heated during the winter months. But the method takes some time to lay out the hose across the ground. Also, the process requires too many attachments to do the job.

Ground thawing blankets are a more simple option to heat the ground during the winter season. They contain a heating blanket and an electricity source. They are convenient because heated blankets take less time to install and remove. They also take less space compared to hydronic heaters. First, you should spread the blanket over the ground that needs to be heated. Plug the blanket into an electric outlet. Electricity will power the heating elements in the blanket to heat the ground. The blanket has an insulated top layer to prevent the heat from escaping. It helps the blanket work effectively and efficiently to heat the ground.

You need to choose the right ground heating device depending on your construction needs and budget. Make sure you do the homework properly before shopping for the best ground heater for your construction project. That way you will save time and money in the process.

If you are wondering how ground thaw heaters work, you have come to the right place. Ground heaters are extremely beneficial for your construction company. The aforementioned article provides information on how ground heaters really work on frozen ground.

Planning for AC Repair can Save You Money

Heating and air can cost you a lot of money to get fixed if you wait for too long. This is why you have to make sure that you are working with a company that can do inspections for you on a regular basis. The best time to get an inspection done is a week or two before you have to use the system. That way, if there’s an issue you’re not going to have to deal with a hot or cold house for a few days as you wait for them to do the repairs.

HVAC UnitAccording to the pros at AC Repair, the problem a lot of people have with their heating and air systems is that they are out of date. This means that you are going to have to work with someone to get a new system put in. You’ll want to do research into what this is going to cost you, and you have to make very sure you’re spending money on a heating or air type of system that is well reviewed. Models can vary a lot in quality and capacity, which is why reading reviews is the best way to be sure you’re getting the best possible deal.

Being advised on how you can use your system without dealing with any problems is the best way to make it last for a long time. Don’t try to take shortcuts with operating it other than the way it is supposed to work, or else you may void the warranty or experience it breaking down on you. There is also the fact that bad electrical work can end in you burning down the piece of property the system is in. The be safe, you have to let a pro do any repairs or service work, or else you may end up with big and expensive issues on your hands.

Remember that older HVAC systems start to use a lot of electricity when they are getting weak and starting to need to replacement. Installing a new air conditioning and heating system can be a smart way to improve your home’s efficiency. If you notice that your bill has gone up throughout the past few months, you may want to try having someone look at these things for you to see what the best course of action is. There are plenty of great ways to do repairs if you are smart, but if need be, you should get a replacement. That way, you can have it pay for itself quickly in energy savings that you otherwise pay too much for.

Any company that you are thinking of hiring should have some reviews written about what they offer. That way, the public can see what other customers have experienced, and if you see good and thorough reviews, it is a lot easier to make the choice to utilize that service. Don’t ever just hire a company that you heard about in an ad because when people market, they tend only to talk about the good things they do. If they, for instance, are charging a rate that’s too high, you won’t know if you don’t do research into it.

A home or place of business will need to have a heating and air service they can call at any time. Otherwise, you may end up paying a premium rate to get something fixed immediately. Being intelligent and planning in advance by selecting an HVAC company that you will work with longterm, will save you money in the longterm.

Pest Control with Air Rifles – Snipercam Video Part 1 – Bro’s 65th Birthday Special 😉

Taxi Wraps And Other Types Of Outdoor Advertising

Advertising is potentially the most important part of any business plan. It is a fact that without promotion or advertising, the success of a business is minimal, and failure is highly likely. While many people can learn from failure, it is not an enjoyable experience, and we all try to avoid failure if possible; in this case, avoiding the fall will require advertising.

Today online advertising is one of the most popular and useful forms of promotion; however, the outdoor market is still significant, and outdoor promotion is beneficial. This type of advertising strategy can be more time-consuming and tiring, but it may be more productive and profitable if conducted correctly. This article will provide information on some of the most popular and effective outdoor marketing styles.

Taxi Advertising

Taxi with advertising wrapOne of the newest forms of outdoor advertisement, taxi advertising, involves ‘wrapping’ a taxi with a company advertisement. By putting a customized wrap over the paintwork of the taxi, containing a company’s advertising message, it is possible to promote the business over a large area to many people. This is highly beneficial as it allows for various audiences to view the advertisement and learn about your product or service – i.e. the taxi drives to different areas and collects various customers; however, there is a disadvantage as people may see the advertisement without being able to collect any information as the taxi drives by.


Similar to the taxi wrap, billboard advertising will also be seen by motorists; however, it has a greater presence and reaches far more individuals. A billboard is a large signpost standing over buildings and roads promoting companies or products. They are some of the most popular forms of outdoor marketing due to the great level of exposure and, due to their size, can reach individuals both near and far. They are also visible to individuals within offices when looking through windows. One other benefit is that they are static, which makes it easier for a consumer to write down information, such as a phone number or website address.


A well-known type of outdoor marketing is brochure distribution. This involves the production and distribution of brochures promoting your business at various locations throughout the city. It is a popular method for smaller companies and charity organizations as it is less costly than larger advertising styles; however, creating the brochure can be time-consuming, and distribution can be tiring. Passing out brochures can be demotivating as many people refuse to accept one, or if they do will throw it aside; however, this technique can be very effective in that those who keep the item will have all company information available without the possibility of errors when copying details.

Street Advertising

An interactive form of outdoor marketing is street advertising. This type of promotion involves the use of booths, pavements, and park benches to create media space for companies to market their services. This is an engaging method that can reach individuals in a direct face-to-face way and is highly cost-effective; however, it reaches only a small audience, and a person must make a conscious effort to collect information – the business details are not always available at a glance. Yet, street advertising remains popular and can increase awareness of a brand greatly due to the interaction, which is lacking in the other types of marketing discussed.

Bus Shelter Advertising

Due to the green movement, public transport has become more popular with more people using buses and trains as means of transportation. Taking this into account, it makes sense for companies to use train stations and bus-stop shelters as areas for marketing. The bus stop advertising option involves promotion of products and services in a billboard format on a side of the shelter. This is beneficial in that it reaches different audiences in different areas; furthermore, collecting correct information is easier due to the proximity to the advertisement and waiting time for buses. One disadvantage is that these types of advertisements are susceptible to vandalism and can easily be covered with graffiti removing all promotional value.

Your Guide To Hiring A Mall Security Company

Hiring a private security agency, particularly a mall security company is not an easy one. Given the fact that there is a vast array of choices when it comes to security companies, taking the time to find the right agency seems like a daunting task. It’s not a task that needs to be done on a very frequent basis, therefore, those who are in the position of having to hire don’t often have a large of amount of experience in selecting a security company.

shopping mallIf you’re a businessman, a store manager or someone in charge of securing large establishments such as shopping malls, finding the right mall security company plays a significant role. It’s not that you’ll find a lot of information online about hiring services like these. You’ll rarely find guides on what to do, which is probably why many establishments have made the wrong choices and decisions when it comes to hiring security agencies.

There are certain things you have to remember and take into account before hiring a security service, and these are:

Service Contract

Most important when choosing an agency, is matching up a company that can provide the type and level of services that are required. Mall security is a specialty all unto itself and can require a large staff, covering numerous types of service, including video surveillance, mobile parking lot patrol and uniformed guards on foot patrol. A company able to deliver on this scale will often note this service as a specialty on their website.

In larger cities it will often be easier to find companies that specialize in mall security. For example, Houston Texas is a city known for its many large and high-end shopping malls. Thus, it is no surprise that there are several Houston security companies that offer mall security and list the level of services provided on their websites.

You should also consider the length of contract required, as well as an exact itemization of the services that will or will not be provided. If there are things that you’d like to have amended, you can always speak with the agency and see if they are open for changes to their contract. Most of the points are usually negotiable.

Years In The Industry and Experience

First and foremost, when hiring a mall security company, you should always take into consideration the agency’s experience and number of years that they’ve been serving the industry. The length of service is a good indication of a company’s experience, and this will give you an idea on which ones are perfect for consideration and which ones to ignore.

The longer they’ve been in the industry, the better. It might be difficult to find out at first, but if you don’t find these bits of information from their website, you can always ask them. They’ll be more than happy to give you the facts, and you can use the information you have received from them to compare with similar agencies.

Consumer Reviews

Take the time to read what other consumers think about the agency. Who are the companies that use their services? What were their experiences? You can usually find reviews on their Yelp or Google business page, among others. Gathering these bits of information will give you a clearer understanding on which security companies offer better services than the others. As a matter of fact, you can define how good they are often just by the companies that have chosen them for security needs


What kind of training do their security guards receive? It is important that their security guards are equipped with different types of training, allowing them to handle a number of situations and emergency cases at the same time. Remember, all types of people go to shopping malls, and all sorts of things can happen, and the guards that are on patrol should be equipped with knowledge of how to deal with all types of situations.


Although you most likely have a budget to stick to, the matter of how much the services will cost should not be the main deciding factor. Losses that can be attributed to poor security can be several times that of the actual services themselves. Don’t choose an agency because they offer the lowest priced services; go with them because they offer the best value and security for your money.

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A ServeSafe Certification Provides A Real Advantage

With the recent outbreaks of foodborne disease and illnesses, it is even more important that individuals employed within the food and restaurant industries understand and are certified in how to safely handle foods when they are preparing it to be served to the public. When an individual has successfully completed and received Food Manager Certification by Servsafe, they are qualified in food safety practices.

The majority of Americans reported they are very concerned about food safety in a study by the Food Safety Policy Center for Michigan State University, according to United Press International. Improper food preparation, cleaning, or cooking results in many food-borne illnesses which could have been prevented if handled correctly. ServSafe, a food safety handling certification and training program helps train food service workers on how to properly handle, store, prepare, and serve food.

The American National Standards Institute recognizes ServeSafe certification programs which means these programs provides their students with the credentials to get jobs anywhere within the United States. The American National Standards Institutes is responsible for the regulatory standards for all U.S. food service and other businesses, in addition to the Conference for Food Protection which is a non-profit organization which promotes food safety practices.


The training provided by ServSafe complies completely with the guidelines and standards for food standards enforced by the National Restaurant Association and the U.S. Food and Drug Administration, as well as the local state health departments. More than three million food service employees have been granted ServeSafe certifications.

ServSafe programs education food service workers on the prevention, effects, and causes of food contamination, and food-borne illnesses. Business also like the programs because they teach the employees good business practices. The certificates can be openly displayed in groceries, restaurants, and bakeries reassuring health inspectors and customers that employees know about good food safety practices.


The programs offered by ServSafe include both food safety and alcohol safety. The food safety course is focused on teaching restaurant owners, chefs, managers, servers, grocery store workers, bakers, and other employees in food related businesses good food safety practices. The ServSafe alcohol safety course teaches individuals working in the restaurant and bar business more about risk management. This course is designed for servers, bartenders, and security personnel.

Course Features

Each course is a full day, requiring attendees to attend the entire day. The course is taught by an instructor trained in the subject matter. There is an examination at the end of the day which each attendee must pass before receiving their ServeSafe certification.

The food safety course covers a wide range of topics in detail, including bacteria, food-borne illnesses, microorganisms, food storage, food allergies, food preparation, sanitation, food service, government guidelines and regulations, and pest management.

The alcohol safety course covers similar topics,
including risk assessment, serving guidelines, and managing difficult behavior situations. The final test for both courses is an eighty-question test, with multiple choice questions covering the most important subjects. Attendees must score at least 75% to receive certification.

Taking ServSafe training and certification is important, especially in the food service business. Everything can be done online so it is easy and very accessible. Having a ServSafe certification can really help when trying to get a job in the hospitality industry.

Where to Find High Quality Seasonal Fishing Reports for the Winter Months

Why let the winter slow you down? While fishing in the winter months can be a little bit more of a challenge for northern climates, even there the determined angler can find opportunities to get the line in the water. When you get the itch to fish, you don’t want to hear that winter makes it impossible.

Fishing reportThis being said, there’s a lot of difference between being able to grab a charter in Tampa in December and finding out what the ice fishing rules and habits are in northern Minnesota. Each area is going to have its own fish, its own climate, and it’s own particular seasons.

So knowing this, how do you find the winter fishing reports that are going to help you figure out where the fishing action is still hot, even during the middle of winter? The good news is that there are more resources than ever to make sure the all season angler can get his fix.

Read on to learn about four of the best options you have for finding your seasonal weather reports.

1) The Department of Natural Resources (or Department of Fish & Wildlife)
The name might differ from state to state. Maybe it’s handled by the DNR, or maybe they go by the Department of Fish & Wildlife, but by whatever name they go under there’s always a state agency that handles every aspect of a state’s fishing and hunting laws.

They’re not just there to enforce rules but in many states their rarely visited .gov websites often contain outstanding information about local waters, seasons, links to other great resources, and some even keep up fishing reports on a monthly or even weekly basis.

In other words, they might be providing all the information you need only one mouse click away.

2) Local Captains / Fishing Charters
Who is going to know local waters better than the captains, charters, or guides who fish them? When you have a professional angler and guide who has fished those waters for years, you have someone who is going to be able to tell very quickly where all the good action is.

This is a great source for information, with plenty of detailed information about the local fishing conditions and the fluctuations occurring on a daily basis. Here is an example of a site for a fishing charter in Key West, FL, where the captain provides seasonal winter fishing reports.

3) Regional Fishing Websites
Regional fishing websites popped up early on in the life of the Internet, and they continue to do well. Often the sites might be ugly or simple, but they focus on specific regions where fishing is taking place, and when an angler is talking about fishing, you know it’s going to be a website backed by passion.

Many of these local sites will focus on recent trends, talk about where ice fishing is at its best (if applicable), and get updated with each change in the season. This is a great way to find out what’s going on from the boots on the ground.

4) Fishing Forums
This is another online option, but it isn’t one that should be overlooked. Fishing forums can often be geographically based, giving anglers a way to find out local information or even check out a vacation destination, so you know right where the winter fishing action is best. The best part? If there doesn’t seem to be a section for winter fishing reports, you can start a new topic and ask for some. It’s a great way to get back on the water.

In Conclusion
There are a lot of different places that offer seasonal fishing reports, and as with many other areas, it’s important to check out multiple sources of information to paint the most complete picture possible. If you do this chances are you’ll be smiling as you keep on reeling those fish in…even during the dead of winter!

How Long Does an Eyebrow Tattoo for Permanent Eyebrows Last?

Every person loves looking great, but taking the time to apply makeup properly can be difficult and tedious. It’s a learned skill, after all, which means you have to practice multiple times to get it right. And even when you figure out things that look good, there are always accidents. Makeup smudges, or you can poke yourself in the eye with a brush or a pencil, the list of potential accidents and mess-ups could go on and on.

This is why permanent makeup has started becoming quite popular. Permanent makeup isn’t exactly permanent, but it is incredibly long lasting. It uses a specialized form of tattoo artistry to create an eyebrow tattoo, thus allowing you to look made up without having to take the time and energy to apply the make up regularly. Not only that, but it’s a one-time cost, which means that you won’t have to spend loads of money on makeup. If you wear makeup at all, then you know how expensive it can be. A simple eyeliner pencil could cost as much as $10, depending on the brand and style!

Cosmetologist applying permanent make up tattoo on eyebrowsBut there are several very real and important questions to ask about permanent makeup before you get it done. Is it safe? What is that one time cost? And perhaps most importantly, how long does it last if it’s not actually permanent?

Permanent makeup is a specialized form of facial tattooing. This means that it is a tattoo, and so there will be some discomfort after having the procedure done. Most people report only mild problems, with a bit of swelling and redness for a few days after, and an uncomfortable sensation (often described as “itching” or “vibrating”) while the procedure is done. However, it is as safe as any other tattooing procedure. Which is to say, as long as you’re seeing a qualified technician, you should be fine.

The one time cost can vary depending on a number of factors. You can get the procedure done for anywhere from $75 to $2000. However, it’s important to note that the cheaper it is, the more likely it is that the technician is inexperienced or a straight up scam artist. A reliable technician with the proper qualifications and experience under their belt will generally cost around $400, so you should expect to pay at least that amount.

As for how long it can last? That depends on the procedure done. Eyebrows, the most common procedure done, tend to last around 4-6 years between touch-ups. This is due to both the type of tattoo procedure done (which does not insert the pigmentation deeply into the skin) and the fact that eyebrow hair often thins over time.

Getting permanent makeup is often billed as a casual procedure that causes no trouble, and for many people that’s true. However, it’s important to remember that it is a form of tattoo artistry. This means there can be things that go wrong, and it’s important to pay attention to that fact. Still, many people are quite happy with their permanent makeup, so for some people it can be absolutely worth the cost.

Popular Plastic Surgery Procedures

Modern medicine is absolutely amazing. It helps us to heal injuries and illnesses that once devastated entire populations of people. It allows us to fix the human body in ways that, throughout history, had meant the end of any sort of quality of life.

Plastic Surgery patientHuman kind has managed to study the workings of the human body to the extent that these days, doctors can simply change the physical shape and look a person was born with. The idea of a nose job has been around since the sixties, but these days the various plastic surgery procedures have become so easy and simple that people can often get it done as an out-patient surgery. They go in for their appointment, spend an hour or so under the knife, and then they get to go home. It really is impressive the simplicity of plastic surgery these days.

With plastic surgery being so popular, there are many new procedures that have become more popular in recent years. Hardly any body part exists that can’t be sculpted by a plastic surgeon. In fact, one of the latest trends is vaginal rejuvenation and labiaplasty surgery. Of all the procedures that exist, are there any surgeries that have managed to rise above as particularly worthwhile and beneficial, as opposed to something that people want for a more specialized reason? There are!

One of the most popular plastic surgery procedures is liposuction. Many people have heard of liposuction. It’s a process that allows doctors to remove pockets of fat from the body. These pockets are generally things like love handles, areas that have managed to pack on a bit of extra fat even though you’ve been working out and eating right. The procedure is simple. The doctor makes a small incision, and then simply vacuums the fat from your body. Obviously it’s a bit more sophisticated piece of equipment than a normal shop vacuum, but the concept is the same. It’s a suction machine that pulls the fat from your body. Afterwards, the doctor stitches you up and sends you on your way. Many patients can go home later that day.

Another popular plastic surgery procedure is breast implants. Modern media will often make jokes at the expense of women who get breast implants, but the simple truth is that there’s no shame in deciding you want to shape your body differently. Not only that, but breast implant surgery has grown and evolved over the years. At one time, breast implants would make the breasts look full and round. These days, the saline bags have been shaped in such a way as to make the breast look much more natural.

The procedure is simple, as well. The doctor makes an incision and then uses a tool to place the silicon bags into the breast. The recovery time is a bit longer than some other plastic surgeries, however. It may take a day or two of rest in the hospital before you can go home, and a week or more until you can safely bathe around the area of your breasts. Still, longer recovery time doesn’t mean the procedure isn’t safe, and millions of women have chosen to get breast implants.

Lastly, there’s the ever popular nose job. Rhinoplasty is a well studied procedure by now. The doctor simply uses a few tools to carve off the bone and cartilage from your nose, reshaping it into the shape you want. It’s as much an art as a science, since there’s no “easy mold” tool for rhinoplasty. Still, plenty of people are happy with the procedures.

Which brings up the matter of finding a good plastic surgeon. Nowadays it isn’t too hard to find out the quality of a particular doctor. All one needs to do is look on Google for the doctor’s reviews or just search for a local plastic surgeon on Yelp.

These are some of the most popular plastic surgery procedures out there. If you want to reshape your body, don’t feel bad. There’s absolutely nothing wrong with doing so!

Tips to Lose Weight Fast

Everyone wants to look fit but getting rid of those extra pounds is not that easy. However, this does not mean that you cannot get rid of those pounds quickly, when you are serious about it. If you are determined to lose that extra weight, there are a number of options available today that can show you how to lose weight fast without starving yourself to death.

Ways to Lose WeightOne of the first things you need to do is to manage your diet. If you have been eating a diet rich in starches and sugars, you need to cut back on those. Starches and sugars stimulate secretion of insulin by the body and insulin are the main hormone used by the body for fat storage. When the level of insulin goes down, it is easier for the body to burn the stored fat cells instead of using carbs.

There is another benefit of lowering the level of insulin. With lower insulin level, the body also sheds unnecessary water and excess sodium that helps in losing water weight. In fact, a lot of people have been able to lose up to 10 pounds within a week by getting rid of starches and sugars from their diet. Another benefit of lowering insulin level is that it will suppress your appetite which means that you are less likely to feel those hunger pangs.

Another change you need to make to your diet is to add adequate quantities of protein, fat and carbohydrates in your diet. In simple terms, the goal of the diet is to have around 20 to 50 g of carbohydrates each day along with high protein and adequate amount of fat.

As far as adding protein to your diet is concerned, you can have protein in the form of chicken, beef, lamb, pork, bacon, lobsters, salmon, shrimps, pastured eggs and other such things. Protein rich diet also helps in boosting metabolism which means that your body starts burning fat at a faster pace. Protein rich diet also helps in reducing hunger pangs, and you will automatically eat fewer calories each day.

Regarding vegetables, you can add cabbage, celery, kale, spinach, cauliflower, broccoli and other such veggies to your meals. You can eat these vegetables as much as you want and you won’t go over 50 carbs each day.

You can have butter, avocado oil, coconut oil or olive oil for fat. Experts recommend using coconut oil for cooking as it is rich in medium chain triglycerides that are more fulfilling and can also help in boosting metabolism.

Another thing you need to do is to exercise on a regular basis. The best way to exercise regularly is to go to the gym at least 3 to 4 times in a week. You can do light exercises such as stretching and lifting weights after warming up. If you are not sure about the exercises to do, you can ask a trainer at the gym for advice.

One of the most common side effects of fast weight loss is slowing down of metabolism, but if you exercise on a regular basis, it will help in preventing metabolism from slowing down. Even moderate amount of exercise will also help you in gaining some muscle and losing body fat. If you are not fond of lifting weights, you can always include cardio workouts such as swimming, walking or jogging in your routine.

In addition to the above, you also need to make sure that you drink adequate water. It will not only help in boosting metabolism, but it will also keep you full. Many people are not aware of the fact that sleep quality is one of the strongest factors when it comes to weight gain. Therefore, it is important that you enjoy good quality sleep each day for at least 6 to 8 hours.

As far as the pace of weight loss is concerned, following the above advice should help you in losing 5 to 10 pounds in the first seven days. After that, you can keep losing weight on a consistent basis by adhering to the same routine.

Best Methods of Social Media Reporting for Clients

There was a time when having an online presence was a nice boost to business, but it wasn’t a necessity. Those days are long gone. Along with SEO and sometimes SEM, a full online marketing plan absolutely must include a strong social media marketing presence. The question is, what’s the best way to tackle this and how do you keep track of every social media campaign so a client can see exactly how their campaigns are doing?

Know What You Need to Track

Social Media DashboardThere are so many different factors that go into a successful social media campaign, and you need to know what is most important to a client for tracking purposes.

Does a client understand the importance of an impression, or do they not care at all? What about followers on Twitter or likes on Facebook? On YouTube do views or follows matter – and can you track clicks? Finding tools to track all of these things is important, but understanding what is most crucial to your client will help you deliver more effective social media reporting that keeps them happy with the results.

Do a little bit of brainstorming before starting on the report, because understanding how your client views things will help you go a long way towards getting that report finished and formatted the right way to showcase your best results.

Monitoring Views, Clicks, & Actions

One of the best things you can do with any social media report is to make sure there is a section that clearly shows the views (impressions), clicks, and other actions that each social media campaign is getting.

Remember that the end goal is action and conversion, not just traffic. This is why a report with multiple social media sites like YouTube, Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram/Pinterest should show not only views, but clicks, shares, likes, and other positive stats.

Your job then is to explain what good these actions do. A like on Facebook gets shared with all that person’s friends and acquaintances, meaning more people are exposed to your message or brand. A like can do the same. From Facebook, you can also track click-throughs to a blog or website, especially if using Google Analytics or Stat Tracker on a website to see where all the traffic is coming from.

Framing the Report

There are several key points you want to frame with every report. Showing a clear growth in the number of followers is huge. This is both for individual social media websites as well as a cumulative number when you combine all of them. These are people who have chosen to be exposed to your client’s message over and over again – they will be more likely to buy in the future.

Another great part of any report looks at if anyone of influence has begun sharing or following. This could be a celebrity, a big name in the industry, or anything in between. Everyone likes the idea of important people following them and spreading what they have to say.

You also want to include the success of specific actions that lead directly to profits. Any numbers that show e-mail sign-ups (people who want to hear from you and possibly buy in the future), actual sales, or trial membership sign-ups (depending what your client does) will be numbers that should be emphasized in every report.

As a quick checklist, always make sure to include the following in any report:
– Measure growth in followers
– Any influential followers?
– Specific actions like e-mail signups or clicking through to the website
– Hand pick direct comments or quotes that talk about great service or a made sale due to social media efforts

Finally, emphasize how well your specific campaigns are working for the client. If you’ve had long-term success why not include numbers for the last week or month, as well as cumulative numbers, as well?

Follow these steps and you’ll be providing top notch social media reporting that your clients will love and appreciate.

5 Step Window Cleaning

There’s something incredibly satisfying about having clean and streak-free windows. If you’d like to get your windows looking sparkling and polished, then follow these five simple steps for perfect, streak-free cleaning. Or if you would rather have the pros come out and do it for you, then check out the Squeegee Pros window cleaning service areas to have us come see you.

1 – Wipe the Windows Dry Before You Start

Before you clean the windows with a cleaning solution, wipe off any dust or dirt with a soft-bristled brush or a dust cloth. Getting rid of the cobwebs and dust before you start cleaning will help to ensure that the surface comes out looking as good as possible.

2 – Use a Gentle Cleaning Solution

There’s no need to spend money on expensive cleaning solutions. You can make your own cleaning solution using one part white vinegar and one part warm water. Mix a large amount of solution into a bucket and use it to clean your windows.

3 – Use Good Sponges / Cloths

The best things to use for cleaning are a good sponge or a lint-free cloth. Wet the glass slightly, and then wipe away the dirt. Try to just get the windows wet enough to clean them – don’t soak the windows and try to keep the cleaning solution away from the window frame itself, especially if the frame is made of wood. Work from the top of the window, down.

4 – Use a Squeegee for A Thorough Finish

You a squeegee to clean the glass once you’ve wiped off the worst of the dirt. Start at the upper corner and work down and across. Wet the squeegee blade to stop the blade from skipping across the glass. Draw the squeegee downwards in one smooth, straight stroke, then wipe the blade clean with a lint-free cloth. Wet the blade again and do the next downward strip, until you have eventually covered the whole of the window.

5 – Don’t Forget the Frames

Dirt can accumulate around the edge of the window frame. You can clean your window frames by using a damp, clean cloth to remove and dirt, and then wiping them dry with a second clean, lint-free cloth. The frames, and the seal between the frame and the window, can be quite delicate, so use only a non-ammoniated all-purpose cleaner to clean the frame itself. If you don’t have a cleaner, just use water, it should still do the job as long as you aren’t trying to clean incredibly dirty frames.

Try to get into the habit of cleaning your windows regularly. Exactly how regularly will depend on where you live. If you live in a city where there is a lot of smog, smoke dirt or grime then you will want to clean them regularly. The same goes for seafront properties. In some areas, e.g. the countryside where the climate is mild, you can get away with slightly less regular cleaning, but it is still better to make a habit out of ‘little and often’, because once the dirt starts to build up that is what will cause the streaks that are so frustrating to get rid of. Wiping down your windows bi-weekly does not take long, and will keep your property looking bright, clean and inviting. Don’t forget that you need to clean the inside as well as the outside, although the inside of the windows is something that is a little easier to take care of, and that should not build up grime quite as quickly.

If you find that cleaning the windows is a job that you really hate, then just hire a window cleaner to do it for you – most are affordable and will save you a lot of time.

Paul Slaney
Paul is the owner of Squeegee Pro, a window cleaning and pressure washing company located in Orange County, California. He love giving top notch customer service and sharing helpful tips for keeping homes beautiful.

Home Loans for Veterans – Are There Special Subsidies?

A variety of programs are available from the Department of Veterans Affairs (VA) to help qualifying disabled veterans with housing situations. A number of VA grants are available to qualifying veterans to help them purchase and/or make modifications to their existing homes to suit their disabilities. For detailed information on these loan programs, see: http://www.americanheromortgage.com/loans-for-military-veterans

• The VA offers qualifying disabled veterans a Specially Adapted Housing Grant or a 2101(a) Grant to help offset the costs involved in specially adapted housing. Veterans who are entitled to or currently receiving compensation for “permanent and total” service-connected disabilities are eligible for these grants.

These grants were created with the purpose of helping qualifying disabled veterans to purchase a home that has already been adapted for disabled use. The grant can also be used to pay towards the cost of modifying a house to make it accessible for disabled use. The cumulative amount of these grants can change on an annual basis.

• The VA Temporary Residence Adaptation or TRA Grant is available to qualifying disabled veterans who may be eligible for 2101(a) Specially Adapted Housing Grant or the SAH (Special Home Adaptation 2101(b) Grant. The TRA Grant was created by the VA to help towards the cost of modifying the property of a family member to meet the needs of a service member or veteran’s special needs.

These types of grants have a diverse range of applications. A veteran must first qualify for eligibility before applying for the grant itself.

Other home loan benefits available from Veterans Affairs to qualifying disabled vets include:

– Special consideration for VA insured mortgages. For example, qualifying disabled veterans will not be required to pay the VA loan funding fee.

What Qualifies a Disabled Veteran for a VA Grant?

Every case and circumstance is different according to the VA. However, even though each veteran needs to have his/her particular case reviewed individually to be considered for a grant, the VA publishes a list showing which cases will be basically eligible for a 2101(a) grant. This is a basic guide only and it does not mean that veterans who meet the requirements on the list will automatically be eligible. As determined by the VA the medical conditions listed will qualify a veteran for benefits if they are able to produce documentation stating one of the conditions on the list.

The official disability rating by the VA is used to determine a qualifying disabled vet, but is subject to review and not considered to be “permanent” after the determination has been made. This indicates the possibility that a veteran can appeal the decision to decline a grant, but the VA will probably request a new review.

Home Loans and Grants

Grants and home loans from the VA can help veterans to stay in their homes. If a veteran is planning to buy a home he/she can check with the VA for available home loans. Home Loans from the Department of Veterans Affairs do not require a down payment or private mortgage insurance.

A VA loan can also access home equity to supply a veteran with cash for home improvements to suit disability needs, college costs, and other financial concerns.

An existing VA home loan can also be refinanced with an IRRRL (Interest Rate Reduction Refinance Loan).

Veterans with severe, service-related disabilities may qualify for grants to modify an existing home, widen doors, install ramps or make required modifications to allow them to live more independently.

Homeless Veterans

Help is available for homeless or at risk-veterans. The VA is able to assist with housing, employment, healthcare (including mental health services), and foreclosure assistance.

Morry Newman
Morry Newman is the owner of American Hero Mortgage, a mortgage company specializing in loans for veterans, as well as police and firefighters.